Goals and dreams realized

  • Oct 15, 2014
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Goals and dreams realized

The numbers are impressive when you see how much donors have given and how many kids have been helped, but it is the stories from those whose lives are changed by their love of the game that impress the most.

Guylaine Alexandre

Guylaine & Alexandre
Grant recipient family (mother & son)

“Me and Alexandre have received the grant ’Jeunes espoirs du hockey Hyundai’ and are very thankful. Here is a picture of my son Alexander after his team won the Atom A series in 2014. A big thank you to Hyundai for all your financial support.” – Guylaine

Alexandre is a 10-year-old living in Quebec. He is passionate about hockey. With assistance from the Hyundai Hockey Helpers program, Alexandre played organized hockey last year. As the team captain, Alexandre led his team to victory, being named the Atom A Series Champions. We are proud of Alexandre’s accomplishments on the ice, but more importantly, we are proud that we have helped him develop leadership skills that will translate into success off the ice. Together, we have helped Alexandre get one step closer to realizing his dreams.

Bill McDonnell

Bill McDonnell
Community Hockey Hero/Coach
British Columbia

“Sports played an important role in my development. From a shy youth, sports provided an opportunity to find my voice. Hockey greatly influenced many important decisions, especially allowing me to further pursue my post-secondary education. Thanks to Hyundai and KidSport, thousands of other Canadian kids are being granted the same opportunity to pursue their dreams.”- Bill McDonnell

Bill McDonnell embodies the Hyundai Hockey Helpers program values and vision. He has dedicated his entire life to hockey, starting out as a youth from a lower-income family in the Ottawa area. Through the gracious support of others, Bill was fortunate enough to realize his dreams, by going on to play at the collegiate level on an athletic scholarship and semi-professionally with the Philadelphia Flyers and Nelson Maple Leafs. But it doesn’t stop there. Bill has invested so much to the hockey community, including being credited with establishing the first hockey school program in BC and coaching minor hockey for 40 plus years. Today, Bill is a champion of the Hyundai Hockey Helpers program and KidSport, and remains dedicated to helping kids get in the game, so they too, can realize their dreams both on and off the ice.

Scott Owens

Scott Owens

“Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see kids benefit by receiving hockey opportunities from organizations such as KidSport and Hyundai Hockey Helpers. These organizations share the ideals of Saskatoon Minor Hockey that fair play opportunities should be provided to kids at all levels. It is my goal to challenge the players by pushing them so they may develop their skills and to instill the character values of trust, reliance, and commitment so they may discover the strength of team play. Hockey teaches powerful lessons that young players can leverage throughout their lives.”

“Hockey is part of who we are as Canadians. I have always thought of hockey as being a great equalizer. When we cheer for our favorite local, Junior, or NHL team it doesn’t matter how much money we earn or what walk of life we are from, it only matters that we are passionate about the game. KidSport and Hyundai Hockey Helpers are also great equalizers in their own right – these generous organizations provide opportunity for all kids to be a part of our great game.”

Scott Owens is a teacher in the Saskatoon public school system in Saskatchewan. He dedicates much of his time to leading the high school hockey program at his local collegiate institute and serving as the Executive VP of the Saskatchewan Midget AAA Hockey League. From a young age, Scott was extremely passionate about hockey, as it gave him a “sense of purpose and belonging”. It wasn’t long before Scott realized that hockey helps to “develop confidence and provided lessons of how hard work and trust in your teammates can lead to success both on the ice and in life in general” Today, as a coach and teacher, Scott strives to instill these values in all of his students and players.

P.K. Subban
Montreal Canadians Defenceman

Montreal Canadiens defenceman P.K. Subban, his brothers Malcolm (2012 Boston Bruins draft pick) and Jordan (2013 Vancouver Canucks draft pick), and their father Karl, have been ambassadors for the Hyundai Hockey Helpers program since its inception in 2012. Karl Subban, a retired middle school principal in Toronto, understands the financial investments that go along with being a hockey family, and the challenges it can bring. As father to three hockey players, he recognized the positive impact hockey had on his sons growing up, and continued to instill values in his kids that hard work and sacrifice pay off. Karl, P.K., Malcolm and Jordan are proud to be program ambassadors and spread their belief across Canada – that better kids make better communities. The Subban family leaned on their community to live out their commitment to the game while growing up. Now, they are giving back through a program to help other kids get into the game.

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