We have our SUPERSEARCH winners!

  • Jun 2, 2016
  • Hyundai

We have our SUPERSEARCH winners!

After carefully reviewing all of the clues submitted in our SUPERSEARCH, we have our winners. As you may recall, the SUPERSTRUCTURETM of the all-new 2017 Elantra had been reported stolen at the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto. The suspects of the stolen frame were the competition as revealed in a ransom video they had sent to us.

But thanks to everyone’s involvement, we managed to stay hot on the competition’s trail and find our revolutionary frame – just moments before they were about to fly it to their secret headquarters! The competition is still on the loose, but the frame is back at Hyundai safe and sound.

Here’s the full list of our SUPERSEARCH reward money winners:

Grand Prize Winner:
Keven M.

Week 1 Winner:
Karen C.

Week 2 Winner:
Darcy A.

Week 3 Winner:
Natanael V.

Week 4 Winner:
Karine D.


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